We are renewing our commitment, which started in 2019, to support the WATER TO SOCIAL Project by setting aside for it €1 for each km of water network analysed.

The proceeds go to the Diversity Life Foundation to fund the “Padova Città Sociale” project, a social economy initiative intended to create jobs for persons with mental disabilities.

For our 2021 operations, 2f Water Venture handed over a cheque of €18,000 to the Diversity Life Foundation as a result of the commitment undertaken by us to give €1 for each km of water network surveyed within the scope of the Piave Servizi contract.

The Diversity Life Foundation is a participatory foundation that exclusively pursues social utility objectives and in particular manages programs to support:

  • Families where a close family member has autism spectrum disorders;
  • Persons with autism spectrum disorders.

The Diversity Life Foundation also intends to promote or participate in research and study groups, conventions, seminars and other activities, including permanent, social and health, educational, training activities and other initiatives within its sphere of action aimed at the most effective achievement of its objectives. The mission of the Foundation is of a permanent nature.

In order to achieve its objectives, Diversity Life intends to carry out the following institutional activities as its top priorities:

  • Implement and/or participate in projects aimed at obtaining the best educational, social and occupational integration of autistic people;
  • Persons with autism spectrum disorders;
  • Involve the existing professional facilities in the area, in order to promote sharing between families and industry operators;
  • Encourage experimenting with innovative treatment techniques;
  • Effectively manage the Multisystemic Specialized Center for the treatment of Autism (CSMA) created in Padua;
  • Promote cooperation with other similar associations existing in the reference territory;
  • Increase awareness and inform public opinion and health institutions.

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