2F Water Venture is a distributor of innovative products for the integrated water service market.

We specialise in locating leaks in water supply networks.

2f Water Venture srl is part of the IWS – Integrated Watercare Solutions business network together with our partners BM Tecnologie Industriali srl and Idrostudi srl. The IWS Group, consisting of companies that all share the water market as their core business, offers Integrated Water Service to water utilities.

2f deals with leak detection in water systems using satellite imagery, provided by ASTERRA by Utilis Technology, thanks to an exclusive agreement for the Italian market.

The company is interested in innovation in the Integrated Water Service sector and will consider acquisitions of/shareholdings in startups and other companies that create innovative technologies for the water service market.

We use satellite images provided by ASTERRA by Utilis Technology, thanks to an exclusive agreement for the Italian market, both to pre-locate leaks in the network under test (Recover), and to detect any degradation of the pipeline condition, supporting water utilities in their assessment as to whether to replace any pipes (Masterplan).

SmartEAR is the new acoustic logger, manufactured by SebaKMT, with a leak detection function along water distribution networks. The robust and durable materials of the logger, coupled with a powerful lithium-ion battery, allow for an autonomy of up to 9 years.


For its in-field leak location activity, 2f Water Venture employs 10 teams of leak detection technicians: 5 teams include technicians employed by the company while the other 5 teams are partners based throughout the national territory, selected on the basis of their shared operational standards certified by 2f Water Venture operational management. All the teams are specifically trained to locate water leaks using the latest, most innovative technologies available on the market.

Why us?


We use the most innovative and effective leak detection technologies currently available to achieve KPIs that we share with our customers.


We pre-locate leaks with the most innovative technologies and then act in the field with our teams of technicians, implementing the best possible synergies.


We have adopted a certified Integrated Management System to achieve the goals set by our corporate strategy.


We support our customer throughout the job process by providing web applications designed to follow operations in real time.


There is no better ambassador than one’s clients. The flattering feedback by the water utilities with which we have worked is testament to the value of our work.


In the 11 projects that we implemented in 2021, we located 1740 leaks by thoroughly investigating a network length of 1558 km, locating 1.1 leaks/km and 3.1 leaks/team per day.

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